Narrative Crossings 2021

a series of workshops on narrative across borders of difference

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Participants’ responses

I feel grateful for having experienced something real instead of one more ordinary Monday evening. I feel complete having experienced joy, embarrassment, emotion in a collective haven. I feel lucky to have met beautiful people and worked with them. I feel!

It was an amazing experience and a lovely community to exchange ideas in. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. Looking forward to further seminars of the Laboratory.

I managed to “touch” and feel—at least for a while—the beauty of theater. An unprecedented experience for me!

A great experience that achieved balance between the theoretical part regarding the necessary information about podcast narratives and the actual experiencing of the medium. The input that was provided instigated fruitful dialogue and a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Definitely a thought-provoking and worthwhile seminar to introduce somebody to the world of podcast narratives. Thank you so much!!!

Tonight I, the most practical, organized and fixed-in-my-ways person that I know, have managed to escape my comfort zone. I’ve been offered the chance to attend to the needs of my body, not of my mind again. Thank you for this opportunity. You are both amazing, keep inspiring us. DO NOT HOLD BACK!