About us

The Multimodal Reading and Research Group at School of English, AUTh, was launched in 2013. Ιt was the Urban Environments in Transition project in 2012 (funded program, Fulbright Foundation Greece) that sparked its creation. The group is supervised and coordinated by Dr Tatiani Rapatzikou (Associate Professor). Members of the group are Researchers and PhD Candidates. The group meets once a month.

The group objectives are:

  • Research group presentations with emphasis on the international bibliography within the context on multimodality, digital and transmedia narratives, and digital literary practice.
  • Research group collaborations with visiting researchers in the context of research-oriented seminars.
  • Research group participation with thematic panels in Symposia and International Conferences.
  • Research group collaboration with other organizations.
  • Research group conceptualization and design of activities that relate to its research interests.


URBAN ENVIRONMENTS IN TRANSITION: Engaging Young Leaders And Raising Community Awareness Through Multimodal Narratives

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This is the winning project entry for Greece in the international competition AEIF 2012 (Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund) that took place in the U.S. in Spring 2012 (Number of contestants: 7,000; Number of proposals: 700). Greece was represented in the competition via the Fulbright Foundation. All members of the project core team are Fulbright alumni.

This is a two-city project (Athens and Thessaloniki) that combines the study of literary representations of city spaces with creative writing and artistic practice. An attempt is made to bridge literary experience with real life situations through the use of multiple media and other activities in collaboration with non-profit organizations (immigration centers, ecological and artistic groups) and museums. This is a project that places university students (undergraduates and postgraduates) at the center of all activity making them the recipients and communicators of experience and knowledge so that solutions can be sought.

Under Siege 1 is a hybrid role-playing game which brings together elements of code-based interactive narratives and physical adventure games through the use of digital and material resources. The story revolves around an unprecedented and challenging situation that puts our School of English as a physical location at the center of attention. Players participating in the game are asked to work collaboratively in teams so as to solve a series of puzzles and riddles revolving mostly around pop culture, and American and English literature. The game blurs the boundaries between physical and virtual space, since gameplay takes place both in the physical space of the Aristotle University and in the digital space of the computer. The game was played in April 2017 and June 2019.